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Karman stands for "the whole of actions leading every single man to achieve his own destiny", as Mr. Davide Diamantini says: a 40-years-old entrepreneur and founder of the company.

Karman Srl was born in 2005 including in its collection a wide range of objects: photo frames, side tables, vases, clothes' hangers and some lamps, as well.Thanks to its previous experience the company starts immediately having success though Davide is not fully satisfied, yet. Finally in 2008 he understands which is the right path he likes to walk: Lighting! He's fascinated from that and decides that in order to achieve that famous destiny, all his actions will go though that special universe that gives so much to poetry, dream and creativity.

The ultimate project becomes true with the collaboration he starts up with Matteo Ugolini, a young designer who's able to interpret Davide's wishes in the best way and spreads the brand.The entire collection introduced at Euroluce 2009, i.e. SKY is a complete family of lamps (table-, suspension- and floor lamps) casting imaginary constellations all around together with light. To everybody a different task about the way to accomplish his own personal journey in the infinite space, accomplishing the achievement of one's own destiny and one's own karma(n).