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In 2006 Lumen Center turned 30 and celebrated the occasion in the best possible way: by opening its new “house”. As always devoted to design, the firm was founded in France in 1976, moved to Milan in 1987, was acquired in 2000 by Villa Tosca Design Management and in three decades of creation and production has established a strong identity in the interior lighting sector.

Lumen Center Italia has entered the 21st century with great energy. The new building, which concentrates all its production and commercial activities, is the most obvious manifesto of this, a statement of intent. With its rose gardens and water gardens, a great window and strategic location near the Rho trade fair site, on the Milan-Turin axis, the new “house” of Lumen Center Italia embodies the firm’s approach to design: receptive towards contemporary thought, with strong cultural roots, sensitive to aesthetics. Above all it reveals the firm intention to be an Italian design factory, manufacturing lighting devices, prototyped, tested and produced entirely in Italy. An integral Made in Italy factory, reliable, accessible, open, in which to create objects of value for the homes of today and tomorrow.

Not a big manufacturer turning out millions of copies, but a great laboratory that pursues excellence, where designers, architects, engineers, technicians and craftsmen meet and develop lighting equipment inspired by the heart and fantasy, but driven by reason and functionality.

An Italian factory international in scope which, for the design of its products, has also developed a system on line and open to designers around the world, in collaboration with the creativity portal www.aedo-to.com.